Schiller Real Estate

Schiller Real Estate was established in 1970, when Bob Schiller started the company at the age of 30. Bob opened the first Schiller office at 100 S. York Rd. with the goal of building the most ethical, professional real estate company in DuPage County and becoming the #1 real estate firm in Elmhurst.

Within a year, Bob’s brother Joe joined him and they became partners in Schiller Real Estate. As their staff and sales force quickly grew, they moved to an office at 528 S. York Rd. and eventually occupied the entire building. By 1978, Schiller Real Estate had achieved an impressive $22 million in sales.


In 1986, Bob’s wife Anne joined Schiller Real Estate as a sales agent and five years later became sales manager of the company. With their strong connections to Elmhurst, Bob and Anne had a deep understanding of their community, their local marketplace, and what it takes to succeed in the real estate business.

Over the next decade, Schiller Real Estate continued to grow rapidly, and by 1988 had achieved over $79 million in sales.  The company had developed a strong reputation for success within the Elmhurst community, and as a result, earned the award for the Best Realtors in Elmhurst in the “Best of Tree City” contest and grew its market share to 45 percent.


In the 1990s, Schiller Real Estate reached significant new milestones, becoming the largest independent real estate company in Elmhurst and DuPage County and also the #1 office in Elmhurst and DuPage County. With over 90 sales agents and 8 staff members, the firm moved into the US Bank Building at 540 S. York Rd.

After receiving a number of offers from various franchises, Schiller Real Estate was sold in 2010. It was then that Bob and Anne retired from the business and their children, Amy and Tim, stepped in to carry on the Schiller legacy.

Staying true to their philosophy of providing their clients with the best local and personalized services in the real estate industry, The Schiller Team joined @properties in 2014 after the Chicago-based company expanded its brokerage business to the western suburbs. The addition of the Schillers made @properties the #1 office in Elmhurst by active listing volume overnight, and the #1 office in Elmhurst overall within just three months. As a local, independent company, @properties follows the same ethical and moral principles that The Schiller Team was built on.

Move With Us

The Schiller Team is committed to going above and beyond for each and every client and ultimately providing the best service and real estate experience possible. This philosophy ensures that we are always available to listen, share our expertise and respond quickly to our clients’ individual needs. Leveraging the most innovative marketing and technology in the business, we aim to maximize results for our clients and continually exceed their expectations. We believe the most important qualities in a real estate broker are integrity, expert local market knowledge, effective negotiation skills and strong technological abilities. The Schiller Team was built on these qualities, and they continue to be the foundation for our growth and success.

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