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Last Spring we bought and sold homes in Glen Ellyn working with The Schiller Team. Just recently, a friend of mine was thinking about undergoing a similar change and was asking me about my experience.

After talking with my friend for quite some time, it made me realize what an experience it really was! You see, we sold during a horrible market and at the same time purchased our dream home which just so happened to be a short sale (not a simple transaction)! My husband and I are relatively conservative, risk-adverse, people and did NOT want to end up owning 2 homes in this awful economy.

Nor did we want to sell our current home unless we were certain we would be able to obtain the short sale home. Quite the ordeal. This is where Amy Schiller came in. We have worked with Amy in the past. In fact, this was the 3rd home we sold with her and the 4th we purchased. We obviously have been very happy working with Amy and that is why, even though we moved to Glen Ellyn, we decided to use her again. I cannot tell you how glad we are that we did.

I truly do not think we would have been able to see the deal through on either end without her. She is so knowledgeable about real estate–even complex transactions like this one. She is so responsive. I must have emailed, texted, and called her a million times during the buy/sell period. And she is so professional. During the transaction we were introduced to a few other “characters” along the way. I am not kidding when I say characters. My husband and I noticed a definite lack of professionalism by the selling agent of the home we purchased.

The “short-sale negotiators” were pretty interesting as well. During all of it, Amy remained completely professional–just getting the facts that were needed to get the job done. I think that says a ton about the type of person Amy is. Recently, I had the privilege of acting as a reference for her for a new potential client. I had so many wonderful things to say, that the man jokingly asked me if I was related to her. I hope she and you will continue to use me as a reference. And believe me, when the opportunity presents itself, I look forward to passing her name along to friends who are looking for a top notch Realtor!